I-35 Traffic Conditions near Lewisville, TX
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Current Lewisville Texas I-35 Traffic Conditions
Latest Lewisville Texas I-35 Traffic Report From The News
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Latest Incident and Constructions Reports Around I-35 Lewisville TX

  At TX-121-BR/Exit 450 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Minor

  At FM-3040/Round Grove Rd/Exit 448B - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  At Denton Dr/Exit 457 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  Closed between Denton Dr/Exit 457 and Hundley Dr/Exit 457 - Road closed due to accident.
TYPE: Accident | Serious | Road Closed

  At FM-2181/Exit 458 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Minor

  Between Belt Line Rd and President George Bush Tpke/Exit 445 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  At FM-2181/Exit 458 - Exit ramp closed.
TYPE: Miscellaneous | Moderate

  At Sandy Lake Rd/Exit 444 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  Between International Pky and Hwy 114 S Access Rd - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  At Freeport Pky - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  At Post Oak Dr/Exit 461 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Serious

  At Valley View Ln - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Minor

Older Lewisville I35 TX Incidents Reported by Our Users

Lewisville | Texas | I-35e N
10 mins, no moving[...]
Dec 09, 2014 11:33pm | By Ally | 62 views | 1

accident on i35nb
Lewisville | Texas | Balleyduff Dr
4 fire trucks, 5 patrol cars from highland village pd, 2 ambulances, and a fire marshall. I have moved .10 of a mile in the past 15 min[...]
Jul 10, 2014 7:43pm | By gu | 193 views |

Wreck on 35 N. In Lewisville
Carrollton | Texas | I-35e N
Multiple emergency vehicles. HOV shut down. Only right lane moving and all traffic merging into it. Probable fatality. [...]
Mar 13, 2014 7:57pm | By anonymous | 548 views | 1

Lewisville | Texas | I-35e
Can't see what's going on. [...]
Feb 23, 2014 09:34am | By anonymous | 74 views |

Satellite in Road
Lewisville | Texas | I-35e
There's a satellite dish in the road of northbound 35 Near Main St. Left lane.[...]
Feb 06, 2014 3:37pm | By Chip | 77 views |

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