I-69 Traffic Conditions in Indiana
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Current Indiana I-69 Traffic Conditions
Latest Indiana I-69 Traffic Report From The News
Recent editorials published in Indiana newspapers - Hilton Head Island Packet
US 41 |
Hilton Head Island PacketThere's a reason Toyota built its Princeton plant where it did. The plant's site is virtually where I-64, I-69 and U.S. 41 come together. That's no accident. With I-64 stretching from the East to West coasts and I-69 stretchi[...]
Jul 22, 2014 3:01pm | 3 views | source: Yahoo

Proposal could be key to I-69 bridges - The Messenger
indiana | I-69 |
The Messenger (subscription)BridgeLink, a coalition of I-69 supporters from Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky had been studying the original federal route assessment, the current bridge plan and looking at other recently built bridges. ... That's[...]
Jul 22, 2014 05:00am | 2 views | source: Yahoo

Monroe County OKs I-69 construction noise limits
michigan | I-69 |
A southern Indiana county where crews are busy building the Interstate 69 extension has responded to residents' noise complaints by limiting how much noise crews can make at night.[...]
Jul 21, 2014 11:52pm | 10 views | source: Yahoo

Person injured in rollover accident in DeKalb Co - WANE
indiana | I-69 |
WANEDEKALB COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) A driver in DeKalb County was hurt when a vehicle they were in rolled several times on I-69 near the 339 mile marker early Sunday morning. According to police, a Buick Rendezvous lost control and rolled several times be[...]
Jul 20, 2014 1:50pm | 26 views | source: Yahoo

Traffic delayed on I-69 between 96th and 82nd street early Sunday morning - WISH-TV
indiana | I-69 |
WISH-TV... Greene Co. Homicide. 2:11 am. Indiana State Police are looking for two men in connection with a homicide in Greene County. ... Officers closed off the southbound lanes of I-69 at 96th street to investigate the accident. Crews are continuin[...]
Jul 20, 2014 08:00am | 26 views | source: Yahoo

Semi and SUV crash shuts down I-69 SB
I-69 |
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 20, 2014) - The southbound lanes of I-69 were shut down early Sunday morning from 96th Street to 82nd Street, after a crash. Police say a semi and SUV crashed just before 3 a.m. No one was hurt, but the SUV driver was taken i[...]
Jul 20, 2014 01:45am | 48 views | source: Yahoo

Family remembers woman killed in fiery crash near Pendleton
I-69 |
MOORESVILLE, Ind. (June 26, 2014) - A central Indiana mother of three is being remembered as a woman with a heart of gold. The family says Audrey Chavez, 27, was killed when a big rig slammed in to her car '[...]
Jul 20, 2014 00:53am | 22 views | source: Yahoo

Two hurt in three-car accident north of Daleville - 3 Hours Ago - The Herald Bulletin
I-69 |
The Herald BulletinDALEVILLE, Ind. - Two people were transported to Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie after a three-car accident on I-69. The extent of their injuries and the details and cause of the accident still haven't been released by Indiana Sta[...]
Jul 11, 2014 8:48pm | 68 views | source: Yahoo

2 hurt as pickup hits semis
indiana | I-69 |
A 27-year-old Waterloo man was injured Monday afternoon after his pickup truck crossed the median on Interstate 69 near Ashley, colliding with two semis.[...]
Jul 07, 2014 7:20pm | 17 views | source: Yahoo

Police find alcohol in car at center of crash that killed 4-year-old girl
I-69 |
DALEVILLE (June 25, 2014) - Alcohol was found in a car involved in a June crash that killed a 4-year-old girl and left six others hurt last month. It happened on I-69 near Daleville. An Indiana State Police report just '[...]
Jul 07, 2014 6:11pm | 32 views | source: Yahoo

Single Vehicle Injury Collision On I-69 - SurfKY News
indiana | I-69 |
SurfKY Newsvehicle accident 01 300 DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (7 / 7 / 14) - The Kentucky State Police investigated a single-vehicle, injury collision that occurred on Interstate 69, approximately five miles north of Dawson Springs, Sunday, July 6, 2014, at[...]
Jul 07, 2014 12:09pm | 22 views | source: Yahoo

Coroner: Impact killed Fishers woman on I-69
indiana | I-69 |
The Hamilton County coroner confirmed blunt force trauma as the cause of death for Amber Davidson, a 23-year-old Fishers woman who was killed in a traffic accident May 29.[...]
Jul 06, 2014 04:16am | 35 views | source: Yahoo

Cause of I-69 crash still unknown
I-69 |
Indiana State Police are still unsure why a car stopped on Interstate 69 leading to an accident that killed 4-year-old Tavionna Ford of Indianapolis.[...]
Jul 04, 2014 10:35pm | 44 views | source: Yahoo

4-year-old girl dies, 6 others hurt in I-69 crash
indiana | I-69 |
A 4-year-old girl has died and six other people have been injured in a crash that shut down Interstate 69 between Anderson and Muncie.[...]
Jul 03, 2014 8:02pm | 30 views | source: Yahoo

Family of 4-year-old killed in car accident speaks to FOX59
I-69 |
INDIANAPOLIS - All seven people involved in a car crash on I-69 were hurt Tuesday after police say one of the driver's stopped in the middle of the interstate. Tavionna Ford, 4, was killed in the crash. '?We are going '[...]
Jul 03, 2014 00:51am | 49 views | source: Yahoo

Latest Incident and Constructions Reports Around I-69 IN

  at US-36/IN-67/Exit 42 - Traffic problem.
TYPE: Miscellaneous |

  On I-69 at IN-37/EXIT 5 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  College Ave Road is closed between 75th St and 78th St - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  Road is closed between 75th St and 78th St - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  College Ave Road is closed between 75th St and 78th St
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  between Post Rd and Mitthoeffer Rd - Construction work.
TYPE: Construction | Minor

  between 126TH ST/W CARMEL DR and IN-431/N KEYSTONE AVE - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  US-31 Road is closed between 136th St and Old Meridian St - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  Road is closed between 136th St and Old Meridian St - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  at RURAL ST/KEYSTONE WAY/EXIT 85 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  Smokey Row Rd Road is closed between Old Meridian St and Pro-Med Ln - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  Road is closed between Old Meridian St and Pro-Med Ln - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  Smokey Row Rd Road is closed between Old Meridian St and Pro-Med Ln
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  126th St/W Carmel Dr Road is closed between Old Meridian St and 136th St - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

  Road is closed between Old Meridian St and 136th St - Closed due to roadwork.
TYPE: Construction | Serious | Road Closed

Older I69 IN Incidents Reported by Our Users

Stop and go
Fortville | Indiana | I-69 S
Stop and go traffic right before 214 exit[...]
Jul 15, 2014 09:27am | By anonymous | 36 views |

heavy traffic
Van Buren | Indiana | I-69 S
Stand still traffic... Not moving[...]
Jun 23, 2014 3:19pm | By b | 58 views |

Stand still
Pendleton | Indiana | I-69
Traffic is at a stand still and maybe going 5 miles an hour[...]
May 31, 2014 2:11pm | By Sara | 228 views |

Standstill for forever it seems
Pendleton | Indiana | I-69 N
Crash and a standstill for a long while. [...]
May 31, 2014 1:09pm | By Chrissy1988 | 170 views |

Standstill for god only knows how long
Anderson | Indiana | I-69 N
Sitting in park on I69.. 2 cops and a firetruck have driven by on the shoulder. No traffic flow northbound I69[...]
May 31, 2014 12:56pm | By EmmyK627 | 186 views |

Standstill for an hour!
Van Buren | Indiana | I-69
Not sure what is going on, but I have been at a standstill for over an hour on I-69 near Van Buren[...]
Mar 25, 2014 11:32am | By anonymous | 89 views | 1

roads are a mess
Marion | Indiana | I-69 N
How long is the back up going north. Flashing lights on bridge..South bound closed. Clearing now[...]
Mar 25, 2014 11:23am | By sweetie | 68 views |

Standstill for over 30 mins
Van Buren | Indiana | I-69 S
Not sure what's going on. [...]
Mar 25, 2014 11:08am | By anonymous | 37 views |

Van Buren | Indiana | I-69 N
At a stand still for last 25 minutes. 6 miles north of Marion Indiana. [...]
Mar 25, 2014 10:42am | By AD | 96 views |

standstill at mm 280 northbound I 69
Huntington | Indiana | I-69 S
Standstill over 20 min. Can't tell cause.[...]
Jan 26, 2014 3:07pm | By jelswor | 167 views |

Slow Traffic
Pendleton | Indiana | I-69 S
Traffic is atrocious where I'm at. Can't go more than 15 mph[...]
Jan 25, 2014 4:30pm | By A-mo | 106 views |

I69 standstill
Huntington | Indiana | I-69 N
I69 standstill mm 284[...]
Jan 23, 2014 4:11pm | By anonymous | 245 views |

standstill south of exit 255 since about 7:20
Jonesboro | Indiana | I-69 N
standstill south of exit 255 since about 7:20[...]
Jan 23, 2014 07:32am | By richafa | 88 views |

I-69 accident
Noblesville | Indiana | I-69 S
Maybe car accident here I-69 south, between exit. 214 and 210 We are all stopped and not moving at all[...]
Jan 20, 2014 12:32pm | By Oksouth | 158 views |

less than 5 miles a hour
Jonesboro | Indiana | I-69 S
Right by exit 255. Possible wreck ahead. Rerouting traffic off the interstate[...]
Jan 18, 2014 7:51pm | By felicia ehlers | 69 views |

Standstill for 10 min
Gaston | Indiana | I-69 S
No idea what is going on... Tow truck went by 5 min ago in margin[...]
Jan 18, 2014 6:19pm | By Tree | 88 views | 2

I-69 report
Warren | Indiana | S County Road 200 E
light to moderate traffic with clear roads @ 1549.[...]
Jan 17, 2014 3:51pm | By MrMister2014 | 42 views |

left lane shutdown
Anderson | Indiana | I-69 S
Wreck on I 69 northbound at exit 222 traffic moving slow looks like left lane shutdown. [...]
Jan 10, 2014 7:36pm | By anonymous | 101 views |

I69 semi truck standstill
New Haven | Indiana | I-469 N
Been sitting for at least 30 minutes :([...]
Jan 08, 2014 07:10am | By Lexi | 164 views |

Freeway closed
Markle | Indiana | I-69n
Accident just north of the Markle exit NB I-69. Cars being rerouted through an emergency turn around back to SB I-69. At approx. 6:30am, I asked the cop how long he expected it to last and he said approx. an hour to an hour and a half. [...]
Jan 07, 2014 06:47am | By TryingtogethometoMI | 230 views |

slow i69 south by 116th st fishers
Fishers | Indiana | I-69 S
Traffic crawling 5mph [...]
Dec 28, 2013 12:14pm | By commodog | 150 views |

accident 11 / 29
Fort Wayne | Indiana | I 69 South
Standstll traffic between 33/30 and 14 interchanges on I69 south.[...]
Nov 29, 2013 12:02pm | By anonymous | 223 views |

must have been a wreck
Angola | Indiana | I69 S
Stand still traffic southbound [...]
Nov 24, 2013 6:45pm | By anonymous | 349 views | 4

I-69 N detour
Markle | Indiana | S Clark St
Black ice, detour, traffic backed up. [...]
Nov 23, 2013 10:59pm | By Karen | 160 views |

Detour through Markle
Huntington | Indiana | I-69 North
Black ice, detour backed up, driving 5 mph, the car behind us just got hit in this slow moving traffic. [...]
Nov 23, 2013 10:50pm | By Karen | 126 views |

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