I-75 Traffic Conditions near Dalton, GA
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Current Dalton Georgia I-75 Traffic Conditions
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Latest Incident and Constructions Reports Around I-75 Dalton GA

  Between Mitchell Bridge Rd NE and Chatsworth Rd - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  Between Chatsworth Rd and Mitchell Bridge Rd NE - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  Between Dawnville Beaverdale Rd NE and Mitchell Bridge Rd NE - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  Between Mitchell Bridge Rd NE and Dawnville Beaverdale Rd NE - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  At US-41/US-76/Exit 336 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

  At GA-201/Exit 341 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Minor

  At Carbondale Rd/Exit 326 - Accident.
TYPE: Accident | Moderate

Older Dalton I75 GA Incidents Reported by Our Users

Stand still
Dalton | Georgia | I-75 N
At a standstill...[...]
Apr 12, 2014 12:59pm | By Abbet | 293 views |

Dalton | Georgia | I-75 N
Not fun[...]
Apr 12, 2014 00:17am | By Sunshine | 165 views |

Drunk driving
Dalton | Georgia | I-75 N
Swerving constantly, inconsistent/high speeds, dangerous lane changes, driving in median. [...]
Mar 08, 2014 7:42pm | By Frank | 145 views |

accident cleared
Dalton | Georgia | I-75 S
We are traveling at about 45 mph now. traffic getting better.[...]
Feb 11, 2014 10:34am | By sha | 154 views |

standstill traffic
Dalton | Georgia | I-75 N
Snow speed and spin ours [...]
Feb 11, 2014 09:15am | By von Dean | 451 views |

Dalton | Georgia | I-75
Jan 05, 2014 4:22pm | By anonymous | 117 views |

Light traffic I-75 No
Dalton | Georgia | Varnell
7:45am raining l- light traffic north bound outside Dalton, Ga - medium to heavy south bound [...]
Dec 29, 2013 07:48am | By daw | 57 views |

Standstill for 30 minutes
Dalton | Georgia | I-75 S
I don't know what's going on but this is crazy![...]
Nov 12, 2013 11:09pm | By Aubreesmommy0621 | 368 views |

Dalton | Georgia | I-75 S
Not going anywhere....[...]
Jul 31, 2013 2:49pm | By Amanda | 398 views | 3

Dalton | Georgia | I-75 S
Parking lot[...]
Jul 19, 2013 7:27pm | By Bob | 307 views |

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