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Current Alaska Glenn Highway Traffic Conditions
Latest Alaska Glenn Highway Traffic Report From The News
Anchorage man dies in collision on Glenn Highway
alaska | Glenn Highway |
Alaska State Troopers say a 67-year-old Anchorage man has died after his truck collided with a motorhome on the eastern section of the Glenn Highway.[...]
Jul 23, 2014 00:53am | 21 views | source: Yahoo

Ukraine: A Russian downed MH17 - KTUU
anchorage | alaska |
Vitaly Churkin, Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, was asked Monday about different intercepted recordings, purportedly of pro-Russian rebels talking about shooting down a plane. Churkin suggested that if they did, it was an accident ...[...]
Jul 22, 2014 10:36pm | 1 view | source: Google /

Fairbanks woman critically injured in ATV accident
alaska |
FAIRBANKS - A Fairbanks woman was critically injured Saturday when her all-terrain vehicle rolled over on Goldstream Road.[...]
Jul 22, 2014 10:20pm | 10 views | source: Yahoo

Chrysler recalls 792000 older Jeeps - KTUU
anchorage | alaska |
The issue is linked to one accident, but the company is unaware of any related injuries. The problem can cause the ignition key to move out of the &'on&' position while the car is being driven, usually because it was bumped by a driver's knee, the ..[...]
Jul 22, 2014 9:12pm | 2 views | source: Google /

Alaska News Nightly: July 22, 2014
66 |
Former Foster Parent Sentenced; Fundraising Reports Released; Canadian Mining Projects Worry Critics; Friends Mourn Friend Killed in Biking Accident; Denali Climbing Season Ends; Dipnetters Converge on Kenai[...]
Jul 22, 2014 7:20pm | 5 views | source: Yahoo

State confirms huge traffic drop on I-90
washington | I-90 |
Slight congestion showed up Tuesday afternoon on the Highway 520 toll bridge, but that may have other causes, besides diversion from I-90. The next test will be a repair shutdown of the Alaskan Way Viaduct for four days, Aug. 23-26. Crews will remove[...]
Jul 22, 2014 10:00am | 3 views | source: Google / The Seattle Times (blog)

No notification is ludicrous - The Delta Discovery
anchorage | alaska |
In October 2013, my son, Bo, was the victim of a hit and run accident. While he was walking at Watson's Corner, Daisy Mae Barrera hit him with her truck and knocked him into the ditch before fleeing the scene. She did not stop to render aid, but ...[...]
Jul 22, 2014 09:51am | 1 view | source: Google / The Delta Discovery

Badger Road safety under review after most recent fatal crash
alaska | Parks Highway |
FAIRBANKS - Local perceptions and statistical calculations clash in assessing the safety of Badger Road.[...]
Jul 22, 2014 05:08am | 9 views | source: Yahoo

Luck did not bless the steamer 'Townsend'
british columbia |
Shipwrecks of freight and passenger vessels were more frequent in the '?olden days'? in Alaska. These days, the tour boats and Alaska Marine Highway ferries have all the modern navigational aids.[...]
Jul 22, 2014 03:12am | 7 views | source: Yahoo

Oil Spill Drill Conducted Near Teller - Alaska Public Radio Network
anchorage | alaska |
It's DEC's job to decide whether fuel shippers are prepared to handle an accident. In the Bering Strait, ... Chadux, like most other Oil Spill Response Organizations working in Alaska has most of its equipment and personnel in Anchorage. They rely on[...]
Jul 22, 2014 02:32am | 9 views | source: Google / Alaska Public Radio Network

MH17 tributes in Moscow: 'Forgive us' - KTUU
anchorage | alaska |
With rebels in control of the crash area, and reports of bodies and wreckage being tampered with, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told reporters he had a &'very intense&' conversation with Putin on Saturday. Rutte said he told Putin &'the opportunity[...]
Jul 22, 2014 01:58am | 6 views | source: Google /

#MH17* Malaysia Air search chaos evokes Korean-air crash cover-up
Anchorage | alaska |
LONDON (July 21): The seizing of flight recorders from the downed Malaysian Airlines jet by Russia-backed Ukrainian rebels has parallels...[...]
Jul 21, 2014 8:41pm | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Moose, McKinley and motorcycles: the scenic route through Alaska - Houston Chronicle
alaska | Parks Highway |
Houston ChronicleWe recovered from the roadside drama at the Valley Inn's Open Cafe in Palmer before heading west through Wasilla, home of Sarah Palin, on the South Parks Highway. Because of Alaska's vast size, I had expected Texas, with snow and imm[...]
Jul 21, 2014 6:29pm | 6 views | source: Yahoo

Tractor Trailer Cargo Overturns on Parks - Alaska Native News
alaska | Parks Highway |
Alaska Native NewsA bout 20 feet of guardrail was damaged after a commercial vehicle accident on the Parks Highway on Friday evening. 47-year-old James Chilton was operating a 2002 Freightliner Tractor hauling twin trailers when the rear trailer over[...]
Jul 21, 2014 4:24pm | 6 views | source: Yahoo

Oil Spill Drill Conducted Near Teller
alaska |
Even as marine traffic increases past the Bering Strait, no one knows how well an oil spill could be cleaned up in the case of an accident. Stakeholders traveled to the region last week to conduct the region's first spill response exercise, and learn[...]
Jul 21, 2014 4:06pm | 2 views | source: Yahoo

Malaysia Air Search Chaos Evokes Korean-Air Crash Cover-Up
alaska |
The seizing of flight recorders from the downed Malaysian Airlines (MAS) jet by Russia-backed Ukrainian rebels has parallels with the Soviet response to the destruction of another civil airliner more than three decades ago. After Sukhoi Su-15 interce[...]
Jul 21, 2014 2:27pm | 2 views | source: Yahoo

Ukraine Wrangle Evokes Cover-Up After Korean Air Crash
alaska |
The seizing of flight recorders from the downed Malaysian Airlines (MAS) jet by Russia-backed Ukrainian rebels has parallels with the Soviet response to the destruction of another civil airliner more than three decades ago.[...]
Jul 21, 2014 08:59am | 2 views | source: Yahoo

No injuries noted in Cantwell-area plane crash
alaska | Denali Highway |
FAIRBANKS - The pilot and sole occupant of a Piper Super-Cub weren't injured when the plane crashed on takeoff Wednesday morning in the Cantwell area.[...]
Jul 20, 2014 11:50pm | 5 views | source: Yahoo

Woman dies of injuries suffered in ATV crash
alaska | Sterling Highway |
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - A Wasilla woman has died of injuries suffered in a crash of an all-terrain vehicle. Other ATV riders took Craven to the Sterling Highway and emergency responders rushed her to South Peninsula Hospital in Homer.[...]
Jul 20, 2014 8:14pm | 11 views | source: Yahoo

No injuries in helicopter crash near Coldfoot
alaska | Dalton Highway |
FAIRBANKS - A helicopter carrying a team of geologists crashed in northern Alaska near Coldfoot, the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed Wednesday.[...]
Jul 20, 2014 09:15am | 14 views | source: Yahoo

Convicted murderer gets 40 years - Juneau Empire
yakutat | alaska |
Kowalski has always claimed the July 1996 shooting in Room 10 of the Glacier Bear Lodge in Yakutat was an accident. He claimed the same thing Friday when he spoke to Padgett, who appeared in court by phone, during allocution. '?I just want you to kno[...]
Jul 20, 2014 08:17am | 1 view | source: Google / Juneau Empire (subscription)

Moose, McKinley and motorcycles: Taking the scenic route through Alaska - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
alaska | Parks Highway |
Pittsburgh Post-GazetteMirror Lake reflects the mountains along the South Parks Highway in Alaska. It is one of the .... In the Matanuska Valley, we saw a sign saying, '?Moose Crash Area,'? and telling us that 257 of the big animals had been killed b[...]
Jul 20, 2014 04:07am | 6 views | source: Yahoo

Taking the scenic route up north - Press of Atlantic City
alaska | Denali Highway |
Press of Atlantic CityChris Day churns up dust on the Denali Highway of Alaska. Eight friends decided to ..... In the Matanuska Valley, we saw a sign saying, &'Moose Crash Area,&' and telling us that 257 of the big animals had been killed by cars in [...]
Jul 20, 2014 04:07am | 2 views | source: Yahoo

Motorcyclist Struck by Sterling Highway Semi Suffers Minor Injuries - KTUU
alaska | Sterling Highway |
KTUU.comAlaska State Troopers say a Texas man escaped with only minor injuries Friday afternoon, when his motorcycle was struck by a double tractor-trailer in a three-vehicle crash on the Sterling Highway. According to a Saturday AST dispatch on the [...]
Jul 19, 2014 8:31pm | 9 views | source: Yahoo

Older AK Incidents Reported by Our Users

Houston | Alaska | 610ne
3car crash righ lane closed coming from290 torwards 45[...]
Jul 16, 2014 03:02am | By Ramon | 6 views |

Glenn Hwy ANC inbound
Fort Richardson | Alaska | Glenn Hwy
Traffic at a stand still right before the weigh station inbound. [...]
Jun 29, 2014 3:01pm | By LDiSarro | 319 views |

Slow going
Fort Richardson | Alaska | Glenn Hwy
Traffic very slow moving all 3 lanes and stops completely at times cause unknown.[...]
Jun 23, 2014 2:49pm | By Sellis737 | 18 views |

at a snails pace
Chugiak | Alaska | Ramp
Jan 25, 2014 5:49pm | By mel | 31 views |

Palmer | Alaska |
Accident and stopped traffic at end of Knik bridge headed north[...]
Jan 17, 2014 6:31pm | By none | 43 views |

Accident on parks
Wasilla | Alaska | Street
Standstill past walmart[...]
Nov 04, 2013 6:13pm | By Roxie | 186 views |

Fort Richardson | Alaska | E Eagle River Loop Rd
There is an accident but not sure what happened.[...]
Sep 28, 2013 12:43pm | By anonymous | 123 views |

Lock up again
Chugiak | Alaska | Glenn Hwy
Stop and go blahhh[...]
Sep 24, 2013 07:44am | By Dan | 86 views |

Chugiak | Alaska | Ramp & Glenn Hwy
Accident on inbound glenn and road construction on outbound two left lames closed[...]
Sep 11, 2013 10:28pm | By nicie | 201 views |

2 lanes blocked
Anchorage | Alaska | Northern Lights Blvd.
Motorcyclist rear-ended by mini-van,both vehicles totaled. APD had traffic blocked to investigate.[...]
Sep 08, 2013 4:15pm | By deadbiker | 103 views |

stand still on glenn hwy headed toward eagle river
Eagle River | Alaska | Hesterberg Rd
Traffic at a stand still before eagle rivers 1st exit. Have not moved for 25 minutes[...]
Sep 05, 2013 2:11pm | By anonymous | 82 views |

10 to 15 mph and now a standstill
Eagle River | Alaska | Glenn Hwy
10 to 15 mph[...]
Sep 03, 2013 07:16am | By Dj | 99 views |

Vehicle accident
Eagle River | Alaska | Glenn Hwy
Appears a single car accident blocking out bound lane. Police are present. [...]
Sep 01, 2013 1:34pm | By Gilbertl | 172 views |

Girdwood | Alaska | Seward
Traffic backed up 1 mile north of Girdwood. Any updates from those ahead of us?[...]
Jul 24, 2013 10:50pm | By JohnnyGP | 104 views |

Standstill can't see far enough to know why
Willow | Alaska | 66333 S Parks Hwy
We have been stopped about 5-10 minutes. We have no idea why[...]
Jul 20, 2013 6:21pm | By Hc | 56 views |

train collision
Denali National Park | Alaska | Santa Fe Rd
Train crash Santa Fe btw Monte vista and barnhart Santa Fe closed[...]
Jun 02, 2013 10:07pm | By logdog | 82 views |

flipped car
Elmendorf Afb | Alaska | Glenn Hwy
Flipped car going towqrds anchorage right after weight station. Traffic moving well towards anchorage. But slowed heading out of town.[...]
May 01, 2013 8:13pm | By jess | 230 views | 2

Auto accident
Anchorage | Alaska | Lake Otis Parkway 80th
Rear ended another car due to ice..... No damage to either car[...]
Feb 14, 2013 8:10pm | By Apebley | 145 views |

Accident Victom
Anchorage | Alaska | C St. And 15th Ave.
Around 5p.m on 12/11/2012 I was heading South on C st., came to the intersection of C St. and 15th Ave., came to a stop because our traffic light going South was red, the turned green, the car on my left side took off before me then i started to go a[...]
Feb cember 16th 2012, 01:56pm, Sun December 16th 2012, 01: mber 16th 2012, 01:56pm E:eram | By Carlos Villunuava | 266 views | 1

Trooper related shooting - hwy closed
Happy Valley | Alaska | Mile 124 Sterling Highway
Traffic STOPPED - shooting North of Anchor Point - 2 to 3 hour delay. Highway closed.[...]
Feb ly 16th 2012, 12:11am, Mon July 16th 2012, 12: 4:6tpm | By Pflower | 710 views |

yield on left turns
Witness Needed: Fairbanks | Alaska | Intersectiong Of Geist Road, Johansen Expressway And Univeristy Ave
i was in the accident that was at the four way intersection going to the johansen expressway i was in the lil dodge neon if anyone say or knows anything please respond to this...thank you [...]
Feb bruary 14th 2012, 04:32pm, Tue February 14th 2012, 04: uary 14th 2012, 04:32pm E:ryam | By Amberlynn Swanson | 492 views |

QUESTION | Saint Paul Island | Alaska |
i didnĀ“t know anythingh about this boat FV Time Bandit since 3 weeks ago, does any one have a report of an accident of something like that?[...]
| By tona | 574 views |

Car Collision
Soldotna | Alaska | Kenai Spur Highway And Silver Salmon Drive
The Kenai Spur Highway is closed for several hours due to a collision at the intersection of Silver Salmon Drive. 9:14pm 26 July 2011.[...]
| By midnightalaskan | 582 views |

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