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Kilgore couple file suit after wife injured in multi-vehicle collision - Southeast Texas Record
kilgore | texas |
According to the complaint, on Oct. 19, plaintiff Elenore Wheelon was driving in Kilgore when suddenly a vehicle leased by the defendant and operated by the defendant's employee failed to control his speed and caused a multiple car collision ...[...]
Jul 22, 2014 3:35pm | 0 view | source: Google / Southeast Texas Record

Henderson woman charged in fatal Kilgore wreck released on bond
Rusk | texas |
A Henderson woman charged in a fatality wreck that claimed the lives of a Central Texas family has been released on bond.[...]
Jul 23, 2014 11:30am | 8 views | source: Yahoo

Children receive summer safety tips at Longview pool
Gordon | texas |
Never leave children alone with water, whether it is in a pool, wading pool, drainage ditch, creek, pond or lake. Never leave an infant or child unattended in a vehicle, even if the windows are partly open.[...]
Jul 22, 2014 5:45pm | 1 view | source: Yahoo

No safety net: After catastrophic fall, the fight of one worker's life - Longview News-Journal
wall | texas |
This series: This is the second in a series of stories exploring how disdain for government regulation sparked a '?Texas miracle'? economy while tearing down protections for the workers who built it. ***. HOUSTON - Along a ... He knows accidents can [...]
Jul 06, 2014 09:06am | 26 views | source: Google / Longview News-Journal

Judge: New charge for driver involved in fatal Kilgore wreck
texas |
One of the drivers in the fatal accident near Kilgore that killed two children and their mother has been charged with a third charge of intoxication manslaughter, according to Rusk County Justice of the Peace Joe Sorrells.[...]
Jul 22, 2014 11:45am | 6 views | source: Yahoo

Traffic Alert: I-20 westbound at a standstill near Eastman Road exit
texas | 18 |
Interstate 20 westbound is at a standstill near Eastman Road (exit 596) in Gregg County.[...]
Jul 05, 2014 08:50am | 36 views | source: Yahoo

Head-on crash kills one in Harrison County
Longview | texas |
A head-on collision this weekend in Harrison County left one person dead.[...]
Jul 21, 2014 3:00pm | 18 views | source: Yahoo

One person killed in weekend Harrison County crash
Longview | texas |
Posted: Monday, July 21, 2014 9:30 am | Updated: 9:37 am, Mon Jul 21, 2014. Jay Webb, administrative lieutenant for the Harrison County Sheriff's Office, confirmed the wreck Monday morning.[...]
Jul 21, 2014 07:48am | 9 views | source: Yahoo

DPS: 2 dead, 3 injured in Upshur Co. collision
Longview | texas |
The Department of Public Safety has released the preliminary report in Thursday's double-fatal crash involving students at an East Texas School. Two people were killed and three were injured during the crash. Promote to Mobile 0 read more[...]
Jul 17, 2014 8:24pm | 6 views | source: Yahoo

Longview police still investigating wreck involving city crew
Longview | texas |
A Longview police officer investigates the scene of a wreck Monday on Alpine Road involving a vehicle and a Longview sanitation truck. Two sanitation workers were hospitalized.[...]
Jul 02, 2014 02:17am | 17 views | source: Yahoo

Flight For Life press release - Longview News-Journal
palestine | texas |
'?Research has shown that getting patients treated with the first hour or '?Golden Hour'? after an accident or event result in better outcomes in the short and long-term,'? said Missie Pirtle, Director of Trauma / Designations, Good Shepherd Medical [...]
Jul 01, 2014 4:03pm | 1 view | source: Google / Longview News-Journal (blog)

More charges in fatal wreck
Kilgore | texas |
A Henderson woman now faces three charges of intoxication manslaughter stemming from a crash Thursday in Kilgore.[...]
Jul 15, 2014 02:18am | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Saturday, July 12, 2014 4:00 am
Kilgore | texas |
Bond is set at more than $500,000 for a woman charged in a fatal wreck Thursday on U.S. 259 near Kilgore, and a third person in the crash has died.[...]
Jul 10, 2014 10:31am | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Former Carthage High football standout dies in weekend wreck
Kilgore | texas |
Former Carthage High School football standout Cortlyn Ware, who helped lead the Bulldogs to three consecutive Class 3A state championships, died early Sunday morning in a one-vehicle wreck.[...]
Jun 30, 2014 1:18pm | 31 views | source: Yahoo

Police beat: Tuesday, July 15
Longview | texas |
Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 4:00 am | Updated: 6:37 am, Tue Jul 15, 2014. Adam Sanchez, 31, of Longview, was arrested Sunday by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers on charges of driving while intoxicated and causing an accident involving se[...]
Jul 15, 2014 04:47am | 4 views | source: Yahoo

Bond set for woman charged in Kilgore wreck that killed 2 children - Longview News-Journal
texas | US 259 |
Longview News-JournalTexas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Trooper Jean Dark said Taylor was traveling the wrong direction in the northbound lane of U.S. 259 near Dudley Road when her pickup collided with a van carrying a family from Central [...]
Jul 11, 2014 8:11pm | 3 views | source: Yahoo

Charge added against woman in fatal Kilgore crash
Tyler | texas |
A Henderson woman now faces three charges of intoxication manslaughter stemming from a crash that killed three people Thursday in Kilgore.[...]
Jul 15, 2014 07:47am | 11 views | source: Yahoo

Third charge filed in connection with Kilgore crash
Tyler | texas |
A Henderson woman now faces three charges of intoxication manslaughter stemming from a crash Thursday in Kilgore.[...]
Jul 14, 2014 4:15pm | 9 views | source: Yahoo

Family of Longview sanitation worker speaks out after wreck
Alpine | texas |
The family of a Longview sanitation worker, who lost his leg after a car collided with his garbage truck, is speaking about his ordeal.[...]
Jul 09, 2014 4:57pm | 2 views | source: Yahoo

DA: Third manslaughter charge to be filed Tuesday in fatal Kilgore crash
Henderson | texas |
Two young children and their mother were killed in a Kilgore crash on Loop 259 near Dudley Road. Authorities said a woman was driving in the wrong direction, possibly drunk. Promote to Mobile Breaking News read more[...]
Jul 10, 2014 10:07am | 0 view | source: Yahoo

Woman charged with intoxicated manslaughter in fatal Kilgore wreck
texas | 36 |
A Henderson woman has been arrested and charged in a Thursday wreck near Kilgore that killed two children and left their mother in critical condition.[...]
Jul 11, 2014 06:00am | 10 views | source: Yahoo

Vehicle collides with tree killing an East Texas man
Longview | texas |
When officers arrived to the scene, they found a vehicle had struck a tree head-on.[...]
Jul 06, 2014 09:31am | 12 views | source: Yahoo

The widow vs. the insurer: An East Texas wife's fight for her family's future - Longview News-Journal
louisiana | 3 |
Longview News-JournalAn email from his supervisor, Debbie Salkill, indicated that he had scheduled phone calls from his car to other franchise owners in Louisiana. '?He was ... On June 3, 2013, nine months after the accident, the panel upheld the pre[...]
Jul 06, 2014 09:06am | 4 views | source: Yahoo

Police: Intoxication may have led to Longview garbage truck accident - KLTV
may | texas |
LONGVIEW, TX () - Two sanitation workers were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a car struck a garbage truck in Longview on Monday. Longview police say they got a call about the accident just after 3 p.m. on Monday. The ...[...]
Jul 01, 2014 6:20pm | 7 views | source: Google / KLTV

Longview PD releases names of workers seriously injured in accident
Longview | texas |
Longview authorities have released the names of the people involved in a major accident involving a sanitation truck. Promote to Mobile 0 read more[...]
Jul 01, 2014 09:07am | 5 views | source: Yahoo

Recent Gregg County Incidents Reported by Our Users

Longview | Texas | I-20 W
Stopped for miles[...]
Jun 24, 2014 3:08pm | By anonymous | 60 views |

Longview | Texas | I-20 E
Jun 24, 2014 2:40pm | By anonymous | 62 views |

standstill in dark bumper to bumper
Longview | Texas | Near Longview (tx)
We are bumper to bumper and at a standstill in traffic, in the dark because most cars have turned off their motors and headlights for almost 2hrs now,getting crazy now! When will they finish already?[...]
Mar 31, 2014 11:17pm | By dat | 50 views |

Incident ahead Longview I-20 west
Longview | Texas | I-20 W
Accident.stand still. [...]
Mar 29, 2014 10:06am | By Florida Fam | 118 views |

Longview | Texas | I-20 W
Been on i20 for an hour and only moved about 2 miles.[...]
Mar 29, 2014 09:50am | By Shan | 53 views | 2

Longview | Texas | I-20 E
Stand still[...]
Mar 29, 2014 09:16am | By anonymous | 60 views | 1

Longview | Texas | I-20 E
At a stand still 4:30a.m [...]
Mar 29, 2014 04:32am | By blake | 46 views | 1

Longview | Texas | I-20 E
Nov 22, 2013 5:35pm | By anonymous | 160 views |

standstill between Marshall and longview
Marshall | Texas | I-20 E
Anyone know what's up and why we are stopped on I 20?[...]
Sep 01, 2013 2:40pm | By Jeannie | 139 views |

Kilgore | Texas | I-20 Westbound
Westbound lanes are at a complete standstill! Not sure what the issue is. [...]
Aug 18, 2013 7:28pm | By anonymous | 362 views |

Cars crashed into work convoy
Longview | Texas | I-20 Westbound
Traveling West on 1-20 around noon and signs said to merge right, which we did, but then we started all going left as there were three wrecked cars off the road with TXDoT workers around and a lady laying on the side of road under a blanket (not dece[...]
Jan 30, 2013 7:57pm | By Mel | 502 views | 1

QUESTION | Longview | Texas |
what happened around 1:00 am 11-09-2012 in springhill on hwy 300[...]
Jan vember 11th 2012, 07:31pm, Sun November 11th 2012, 07: mber 11th 2012, 07:31pm E:eram | By koasbaybii | 230 views |

QUESTION | Longview | Texas |
Butch White accident that happen during the weekend of the bad rains in March[...]
Jan rch 27th 2012, 01:57pm, Tue March 27th 2012, 01: h 27th 2012, 01:57pm E:27am | By Cougar | 356 views |

Longview | Texas | Longview Texas
there was a fatal accident near or in Longview late friday night or early saturday morning. my cousin was involved ...but i cant find anything on the internet about it.. two people perished and one survived[...]
| By me | 563 views |

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In 2009 there was a total of 13 fatal accidents in Gregg County TX:

1 on rural interstates
0 on urban interstates
0 on freeway and expressway
5 on minor arterial
1 on collector arterial
3 on local routes
0 on unknown locations

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