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traffic at standstill
Casa Blanca | I40 Eastbound At Laguna Nm
Traffic has been at a dead standstill since 4:30 near the eastbound Laguna exit of i40[...]
May 21, 2015 7:59pm | By | 348 views | 1
Current New Mexico Traffic Conditions
New Mexico Conditions Reported by Our Users

traffic at standstill
Casa Blanca | New Mexico | I40 Eastbound At Laguna Nm
Traffic has been at a dead standstill since 4:30 near the eastbound Laguna exit of i40[...]
May 21, 2015 7:59pm | By Arizonasweet | 348 views | 1

Recent New Mexico car Reports From The News

Fewer APD traffic cops doesn't mean fewer tickets - KOAT Albuquerque
albuquerque | new mexico |
Members of the traffic unit will keep running radar and laser when they can, because that's not the only responsibility they have, APD said. '?They respond to accident reports, including fatalities,'? said Officer Tanner Tixier. '?They've got a lot o[...]
May 21, 2015 2:38pm | 4 views | source: Google / KOAT Albuquerque

One person airlifted from two-car highway collision near Roswell - KOB
US 70 |
KOB.comA crash involving two vehicles occurred near Roswell Sunday morning on US 70 at mile marker 288. According to an alert posted around 11:00 a.m. by the New Mexico road conditions website, one person involved in the accident needed to be airlift[...]
May 17, 2015 6:29pm | 364 views | source: Yahoo

ABQ artist, gallery owner Fermin Hernandez dies in car wreck - Albuquerque Journal
albuquerque | new mexico |
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Albuquerque artist and gallery owner Fermín Hernández, whose work hung on the sets of '?Breaking Bad'? as well as in the collections of Secretary of State John Kerry and actor Ted Danson, died Wednesday. The well-known 65-year-old[...]
May 17, 2015 04:09am | 2 views | source: Google / Albuquerque Journal

Airline fight: CEOs of top US carriers make rare appearance to blast Middle ... - Winnipeg Free Press
ohio | 52 |
Winnipeg Free Press... each lost one. Kansas gained four rigs, Louisiana increased by three and Oklahoma, Utah and West Virginia each gained one. California, Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio were unchanged. .... Wreckage is removed from Amtrak crash sit[...]
May 15, 2015 5:05pm | 19 views | source: Yahoo

Police Department recognizes officer, civilian employee of the year - Leavenworth Times
leavenworth | kansas |
Goecke said he became a police officer after rendering aid at the scene of a car accident. ... Goecke worked at a sheriff's office in New Mexico and the campus police department at the University of Kansas before joining the Leavenworth Police Depart[...]
May 14, 2015 1:40pm | 17 views | source: Google / Leavenworth Times

UNM awards degrees to students killed in crash - KRQE News 13
tennessee | I-40 |
KRQE News 13ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Two University of New Mexico students killed in a car crash were honored this weekend. The families of Briana Hillard and Matthew Grant accepted posthumous degrees for them during a commencement ceremony Saturday.[...]
May 11, 2015 10:16am | 41 views | source: Yahoo

Pipe and condoms found in car allegedly driven by Jon Jones in hit-and-run ... - FOXSports
albuquerque | new mexico |
Albuquerque police released video this week of their search of a rental car that Jon Jones was allegedly driving when it smashed into two other vehicles, injuring a pregnant woman with a broken arm before leaving the scene of the accident. According [...]
May 08, 2015 4:31pm | 22 views | source: Google / FOXSports.com

Older New Mexico Reports by Our Users

Rear end at intersection of St. Francis
Witness Needed: Santa Fe | New Mexico | St Francis
A white SUV was rear ended at the intersection of St Francis and Alamo Drive. It is unclear what the cause of the accident was. It's possible that the white SUV didn't use its turn signal to indicate its intention to turn left, and so the car behind [...]
May 13, 2015 3:10pm | By Witness | 54 views |
I40 a mess Thursday PM
Edgewood | New Mexico | I-40 Eastbound
Traffic at a standstill from Sedillo Hill eastbound. Downed power lines had westbound 40 closed, too. Use Rt. 66. [...]
Apr 23, 2015 7:22pm | By Edgewood Girl | 81 views |
Highway Winds @ Tucumcari
Tucumcari | New Mexico | I-40
Extremely strong winds, especially for high profile vehicles.[...]
Mar 25, 2015 8:04pm | By Three-LeggedTom | 42 views |

Icy roads I-40 between Gallup &Albuquerque
Prewitt | New Mexico | I-40 E
Icy roads from Gallip into Prewitt. Very slow traffic[...]
Feb 27, 2015 8:15pm | By Lucina | 323 views |

unsure whats going on
Albuquerque | New Mexico | I-40 E
Seen a few ambulances, traffics been stopped over an hour and a half.[...]
Feb 27, 2015 02:14am | By oneonedeucegirl | 274 views |

near Las Cruces
Deming | New Mexico | I-10 E
Traffic at stand still. Both West and east I-10[...]
Feb 22, 2015 11:09pm | By anonymous | 145 views | 1

multi-vehicle accident stretched two plus miles.
Encino | New Mexico | I-40 W
Multiple semis and cars, west bound involved, traffic is stopped, backed up for Miles.[...]
Feb 22, 2015 12:15pm | By ElKabong | 1231 views | 30

Cinder Hill, mile post 62
San Rafael | New Mexico |
At 6:00 pm, multiple cars needed tow trucks and there was a complete road closure from the Mal Pais visitor center to the Ice Cave. Slush, snow, and ice on most of the roadway. [...]
Jan 21, 2015 9:09pm | By Zuni Mountain Mamma | 61 views |

Accident on 550 North bound
Bloomfield | New Mexico | North Bound
Traffic was moving slowly on US 550 north and south bound die top am accident 1.5 miles north of the hilltop Conoco. There were at least 2 tractor trailers involved. Visibility, due to fog was also slowing traffic to a crawl. Please be careful at hil[...]
Jan 17, 2015 03:37am | By Sandy | 162 views |

Truck jackknifed at mm 45
Continental Divide | New Mexico | I-40 E
Eastbound traffic at a standstill for over 30 minutes, no end in sight. [...]
Jan 14, 2015 06:08am | By Sam | 413 views |

Standstill for an hour and a half
Laguna | New Mexico | I-40 W
I've heard rumors of the cause, possibly a semi crash or such. There has been no movement in the traffic flow since 11:38 PM, and I have seen three two semis pass. [...]
Jan 11, 2015 3:12pm | By goldielocks | 674 views | 2

I-40 East is now an auto row
Tucumcari | New Mexico | I-40 W
Freeway shut down. Being rerouted to Downtown Tucumcari. Turtle crawling [...]
Jan 03, 2015 1:27pm | By Charlie Man | 256 views |

Tucumcari | New Mexico | I-40 E
Traffics at standstill on both lanes of the 40 E from marker 333. Don't k ow why or how far.[...]
Jan 03, 2015 1:04pm | By Pippy | 168 views |
standstill 3 car accodent
Carlsbad | New Mexico | Seven Rivers Hwy
3 car accident traffic at standstill waiting for 15 minutes [...]
Jan 02, 2015 9:15pm | By Mina | 88 views |

Serious single car rollover
Albuquerque | New Mexico | Montano Nw And 2nd Street
Avoid area[...]
Dec 29, 2014 00:57am | By Tab | 89 views |
I40 road conditions
Gallup | New Mexico | I-40 E
Snow packed icy roads. Some cars in ditch. Slick in areas. Watch speed. [...]
Dec 26, 2014 10:49am | By Reddawnsong | 190 views |

Fatality accident. MM 148
Las Cruces | New Mexico | Arrowhead Dr
Semi overturned. Several cars involved. One fatality reported. Accident occurred approximately 6:15 pm[...]
Dec 20, 2014 10:36pm | By Seattlechic11 | 310 views |
stood still over an hour
Albuquerque | New Mexico | I-40 E
Traffic hasn't moved westbound in over an hour[...]
Dec 14, 2014 00:46am | By fuk | 149 views |

Alameda & 2nd
Albuquerque | New Mexico | Edith Blvd Ne
2nd & Alameda clear traffic[...]
Dec 08, 2014 10:57pm | By Souix | 28 views |

2nd northbound
Albuquerque | New Mexico | Industrial Ave Ne
Light traffic on 2nd[...]
Dec 08, 2014 10:52pm | By Souix | 32 views |

haven't moved for three plus hours.
Santa Rosa | New Mexico | I-40 W
I'm at mile marker 256 on I 40 west traffic is backed up for as far as you can see.does anyone have any idea just how long this backup is, in miles?[...]
Nov 16, 2014 7:31pm | By Pistol Pete | 248 views |

Accident I-40 eastbound
Clines Corners | New Mexico | I-40 Eastbound
Reported by New Mexico DOT: 'I-40 - Clines Corners - Multiple Car Crash- There will be traffic delays due to cleanup process. Crews are on the scene.'[...]
Nov 16, 2014 6:37pm | By stacy_lee16 | 521 views | 3
total standstill for 30 minutes
Santa Rosa | New Mexico | I 40 Westbound
Major traffic backed up can't tell what the reason is. [...]
Nov 16, 2014 4:18pm | By anonymous | 83 views |

standstill east bound I40
Edgewood | New Mexico | I40
Traffic at standstill. No idea why.[...]
Nov 16, 2014 4:08pm | By Ken | 153 views | 1
Caballo | New Mexico | Nh
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Oct 20, 2014 00:46am | By jaspreet | 41 views |
NM Live Chat
> Any word on when traffic will be moving  06:54am
I-40 | san jon | 
> anyone know if it will be open by tomorrow  10:21pm
> I would like to know too. I got turned around probably 5 o'clock. Broccoli 30 miles my destination had to get a hotel graham  10:19pm
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