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Timothy Keith, 5-Year Old Deaf Boy Struck By Yellow Cab In Brooklyn, Is Brain Dead - Huffington Pos
was on their first trip to New York City together. The cabbie walked police through the accident. "There was no time. He stepped out and I hit the brake," he told The Post. The cabbie was not charged. Earlier that afternoon, also in Brooklyn, 13 ...
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Brooklyn officials to meet with DA over case of Akai Gurley, man killed by police in East New York
new york |
Stunned relatives of an unarmed man killed by a rookie police officer in a dark public housing stairwell looked on as the Rev. Al Sharpton and public officials demanded a full investigation Saturday into what law enforcement officials have termed an [...]
Nov 23, 2014 08:54am | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Community Leaders Criticize Police Over Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Brooklyn ... - New York Times
Drewt |
New York TimesAl Sharpton said the circumstances surrounding the shooting, which police officials have described as an accident, required a more complete inquiry. '?They are saying it was an accident,'? Mr. Sharpton said. '?We are saying, 'How do we [...]
Nov 22, 2014 11:08pm | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Rally Calls For Probe Into Fatal Police Shooting Of Unarmed Man In Brooklyn
new york |
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said it appears Officer Peter Liang shot 28-year-old Akai Gurley by accident as he and his girlfriend entered a pitch black stairwell.[...]
Nov 22, 2014 8:13pm | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Ferguson Again? Al Sharpton Calls For Full Investigation Into Fatal Police Shooting Of Unarmed Brooklyn Man
new york |
The Rev. Al Sharpton demanded a thorough investigation Saturday into a rookie police officer's fatal shooting of an unarmed man in Brooklyn, N.Y. Although the New York Police Department has labeled the incident Thursday night an accident, Sharpton sa[...]
Nov 22, 2014 12:48pm | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Brooklyn police-involved shooting leaves man dead; Sharpton calls for 'thorough investigation'
Brooklyn | new york |
A man is dead after a police-involved shooting in an East New York building Thursday night, and police are classifying the incident as an accidental discharge.[...]
Nov 22, 2014 07:56am | 3 views | source: Yahoo

Officer's Errant Shot Kills Unarmed Brooklyn Man - New York Times
new york | new york |
... immediate comparison to the fatal shooting of an unarmed man in Ferguson, Mo. But 12 hours later, just after noon on Friday, the New York police commissioner, William J. Bratton, announced that the shooting was accidental and that the victim, Aka[...]
Nov 22, 2014 01:54am | 8 views | source: Google / New York Times

Panicked NYPD rookie fatally shoots unarmed man in Brooklyn - New York Daily News
mc lean | virginia |
The fatal shooting, which officials described as a tragic accident, happened during a vertical patrol late Thursday - months after the superintendent of the Brooklyn development asked NYCHA to fix the stairwell lights. But it wasn't until Friday ...[...]
Nov 21, 2014 6:55pm | 4 views | source: Google / New York Daily News

Teen killed by hit-and-run driver in Brooklyn - New York Post
new york | new york |
A 14-year-old boy was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Brooklyn Thursday evening, police said. Mohammad Uddin was walking to an after-school program when he was struck by a maroon Chevy Impala as he crossed East Seventh Street at Caton Avenue ...N[...]
Nov 21, 2014 09:57am | 7 views | source: Google / New York Post

NYC police: Unarmed man killed by officer in Brooklyn housing complex in likely accident
Brooklyn | new york |
NEW YORK - Authorities say an unarmed 28-year-old man coming out of his girlfriend's Brooklyn apartment was fatally shot by a rookie cop in a darkened stairwell in a likely accident.[...]
Nov 21, 2014 08:25am | 1 view | source: Yahoo

Routine Trip Turns Fatal as a Man Is Pushed in Front of a Subway Train - New York Times
brooklyn | new york |
Even without surveillance video of the push, the police said other evidence made clear that Mr. Kwok, who last worked for a kitchen supply company, had not fallen on the tracks by accident or jumped into the path of the train. The motorman on the ...[...]
Nov 16, 2014 8:08pm | 13 views | source: Google / New York Times

New York City Considers Texting-While-Biking Ban - Wall Street Journal
brooklyn | new york |
The councilman said he came up with the idea after seeing a near-accident not far from his Brooklyn office. '?I witnessed a bicyclist texting, and he veered into oncoming traffic, almost causing a multiple car crash,'? Mr. Treyger said. New York City[...]
Nov 11, 2014 11:08pm | 25 views | source: Google / Wall Street Journal

Man, 59, killed in Brooklyn hit-and-run accident
new york |
NEW YORK (AP) - Police say a 59-year-old man has been killed in a hit-and-run accident in Brooklyn. The accident happened at 2:20 a.m. Saturday on Rockaway Parkway in East Flatbush.[...]
Nov 10, 2014 03:49am | 12 views | source: Yahoo

Three pedestrians fatally struck in separate accidents - New York Post
brooklyn | new york |
Three pedestrians were fatally struck in separate accidents across the city in just over 12 hours spanning Saturday and early Sunday, authorities said. A 76-year-old woman crossing Conduit Boulevard near Belmont Avenue in Brooklyn was hit by a 2011 .[...]
Nov 09, 2014 1:01pm | 23 views | source: Google / New York Post

Cargo ship strikes iconic Brooklyn Bridge
brooklyn | new york |
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- A cargo ship scraped the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York Friday night, according to reports citing the U.S. Coast Guard. There were no injuries. The accident involving the "Rainbow Quest," which was saili[...]
Nov 08, 2014 10:36am | 24 views | source: Yahoo

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Texting And Driving: A Bad Mix And An Ongoing Problem.

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