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By Kyle Midgl 2011-08-22   

10925 Railroad Street - In or Near El Monte California

As my Greyhound bus took off yesterday from L.A to Las Vegas, we didn't even leave the parking lot before his first of 4 collisions. He hit a PARKED bus, then we stopped for about 30 min for them to deal with that.

Then while driving he hit a sign, then a fence. Then while on the highway our bus was smoking, and after several minutes of convincing, the driver got off an exit right next to the El Monte MetroLink station.

About 30 feet away from the concrete barrier I realized he was not going to stop. The driver slammed on his brakes AFTER we entered the stop sign area, which means his reactions were slow.

Drugs or alcohol were the assumption by me and others on the bus. I think 4 people including myself reported injury. Greyhound is denying the accident occurred as of now, but when I get my police report I will be making it public.

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